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Transforming your inland journey with truckload transportation

Getting your cargo to its destination can become a complicated process with the constant fluctuations in supply chain processes. We understand that the daily challenges that you face need flexible solutions that let you make choices that meet all your requirements.

Containarised inland solutions, no matter how reliable, cannot meet all your supply chain needs. That is why, we are offering our truckload transportation that directly takes your goods from the origin to the destination, giving you an efficient end-to-end cargo journey.


Adam Z offers a host of logistic management services and supply chain solutions. We provide innovative solutions with the best people, processes, and technology to drive uncommon value for your company.With over 60 years of experience, we understand what a vital role we play for our customers. We strive to work seamlessly with our customers as if we were an in-house department.


We Are Creative & Professional

With over 60 years of providing world class service to their customers on the asset side, a need to provide a one stop shop for a” true customer service logistic solution” was introduced. By adding this dimension to an already dynamic and customer centric asset based provider, we feel we bring a total solution.

Honest And Dependable

Adam Z, engaged in transportation and logistics, is a family enterprise … We want to become the most honest and dependable transportation and logistic enterprise.

Quality Commitment

At Adam Z Transport services we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of services in the Freight Forwarding, Transportation, and Customs Clearance while helping preserve their belongings. And the most important factor to reach the utmost Customer Satisfaction is by maintaining the highest Quality in every aspect of our business.

We Are Always Improving

Adam Z is always improving day by day to provide our customers and clients with a very good transportation services.


All our services focus on common sense solutions that make a big impact.

  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Warehousing.
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).
  • Freight Distribution.

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